As a member of the Florida State University faculty, I worked with Ms. Grattan in a master class on piano action assessments and restoration.
I thoroughly enjoyed supervising her grand piano restoration project in this master class and was able to observe her meticulous, concentrated, and dedicated approach.
Her rich background in art, music and culture brought an unusually sensitive view to
the focus of her work. Her enthusiasm, preparedness, and punctually made our association a
most enjoyable one. She demonstrated initiative at the start of the project and tenacity in its
In summary, Ms. Grattan is a woman of excellent character: disciplined and accustomed to
concentrated effort and hard work. She does not avoid the difficult or complicated and
approaches each situation with quiet assurance and a positive attitude. I recommend her

Anne Garee
Program Director for Piano Technology, Retired 2016
Florida State University College of Music


 Kim completely restrung, rebuilt and regulated the action, and re-voiced the hammers on my model L Steinway piano, completely transforming the instrument.
Her work was extremely meticulous, evidencing great technical skill, knowledge, and attention to detail.
One of Kim’s greatest strengths is that she can actually play the piano with sensitivity and
dynamic control. It is essential that a technician be able to play softly in order to be able to voice and regulate an instrument for serious use by a concert pianist. Kim showed this ability in
spades, and I am thrilled with the results of her work. She has transformed my piano into the best
instrument in town, and she did it with the highest professionalism, on time and within budget.
I am happy to offer her my very highest recommendation.

Michael Gurt
Paula Garvey Manship Distinguished Professor of Piano
School of Music
Louisiana State University




Kimberley Grattan was our piano technician at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts for the 2016-17 school year.  Her responsibilities included the tuning and maintenance of over forty upright and grand pianos. It is rare to find a piano technician that can tune to artistic standards and will also dedicate herself to the fine art of voicing and regulating.  Kimberley is such a person and was well respected among our staff. Additionally, Kimberley was always willing to accommodate on short notice. She has the demeanor of a true professional and any institution would be fortunate to entrust their fine instruments to her.

It is with great enthusiasm and without reservation that I recommend Kimberley for any endeavor she may pursue as a piano technician.

Michael Pellera
Music Department Chair
New Orleans Center for Creative Arts